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Everyone needs convenient food delivery services everyday. Yet the average urban consumers struggles to locate & place orders for wholesome, safely delivered, affordable and accessible meal options.

...restaurants also need to get their food out to consumers, without being mishandled or tampered with, arriving hot and intact, as it was when originally served. They may even desire to reach new customers, outside the delivery range of food delivery riders.

Jartogo partners with all your favorite restaurants, plus a growing network of verified local professional cooks to pre-order and organize several meal options, and simply make them available to you to choose from, with a single-tap of your finger.

We also use special handling and thermal processes to pre-package full meals, while retaining the optimum quality and temperature throughout. The meals are then pre-delivered to our members locations to be kept fresh and ready in solar-powered, smart-vending kiosks.

We make awesome, health-conscious meals - ready & available fresh, all-day, on-demand anywhere. Also, the entire process is 99.9% plastic-free.