Francis' story of overcoming impossible odds and rising from a homeless teen to a self-made world heavyweight champion in less than 10 years is one the most inspirational stories in all of sports.

JarToGo, the first ever plastic-free cloud kitchen, has been researching the African market and food logistics since 2011. The team eventually overcame major obstacles, managing to disrupt the food delivery status quo and launch the service successfully.

As a fitness and nutrition professional, Francis often found it difficult to get wholesome food delivered to him at home whenever he visited his native Cameroon on vacations.

Even though the community boasts of several delicacies, great local restaurants and cooks, they found it difficult to manage delivery logistics and food-safety.  And in a region with lagging waste management, he noticed food vendors still rely exclusively on disposable plastics.

After the covid-19 pandemic, he met and teamed up with JarToGo, a circular food-logistics start-up, where they shared most of his values and interest on solving Africa's problems, climate change and plastic pollution.

In November 2021, we successfully rolled out an invite-only, public beta pilot for our end-to-end, plastic-free food-service model in Accra, Ghana, and over 30,000 servings later, we are now expanding and introducing Jartogo and its mission to the world!